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Workspace::Manager Class Reference

#include <workspace.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 Manager (const Manager &)=delete
 Manager (Manager &&)=delete
Manageroperator= (const Manager &)=delete
Manageroperator= (Manager &&)=delete
 Manager (Event::Manager *ev_manager)
 ~Manager () override
Widgets::PluginloadPlugin (const std::string &library)
void unloadPlugin (Widgets::Plugin *plugin)
void receiveEvent (Event::Object *event) override
bool isRegistered (const Widgets::Plugin *plugin)
std::vector< DAQ::Device * > getDevices (const std::string &driver)
std::vector< DAQ::Device * > getAllDevices ()
void saveSettings (const QString &profile_name)
void loadSettings (const QString &profile_name)
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 Handler ()=default
 Handler (const Handler &)=default
 Handler (Handler &&)=delete
Handleroperator= (const Handler &)=default
Handleroperator= (Handler &&)=delete
virtual ~Handler ()=default

Detailed Description

This class is responsible for managing Plugin device loading and unloading

Definition at line 43 of file workspace.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Manager() [1/3]

Workspace::Manager::Manager(const Manager)

◆ Manager() [2/3]

Workspace::Manager::Manager(Manager && )

◆ Manager() [3/3]


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◆ ~Manager()


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Member Function Documentation

◆ getAllDevices()

std::vector< DAQ::Device * > Workspace::Manager::getAllDevices()

Get all devices in registry

A vector of DAQ::Device pointers

Definition at line 125 of file workspace.cpp.

◆ getDevices()

std::vector< DAQ::Device * > Workspace::Manager::getDevices(const std::string & driver)

Get the list of all loaded devices in RTXI

The workspace manager, upon instantiation, will search predefined places for loadable DAQ device drivers. Once those drivers are successfully loaded, the manager will store them in a registry. This returns the list of all DAQ devices in the registry.

driverThe name of the driver associated with the devices
A vector of DAQ::Device pointers associated with the driver
See also

Definition at line 112 of file workspace.cpp.

◆ isRegistered()

bool Workspace::Manager::isRegistered(const Widgets::Pluginplugin)

Checks whether plugin is registered.

pluginPlugin pointer to check registration.
True if registered, false otherwise.

Definition at line 92 of file workspace.cpp.

◆ loadPlugin()

Widgets::Plugin * Workspace::Manager::loadPlugin(const std::string & library)

loads plugin

libraryThe name of the core library to load. For dynamically loaded widgets it is the location of the library in the filesystem.
Raw pointer to widgets plugin. The plugin is already registered with the manager upon return of this function.

Definition at line 201 of file workspace.cpp.

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◆ loadSettings()

void Workspace::Manager::loadSettings(const QString & profile_name)

Restore workspace values and state settings

profile_nameThe name of the stored settings

Definition at line 180 of file workspace.cpp.

◆ operator=() [1/2]

Manager& Workspace::Manager::operator=(const Manager)

◆ operator=() [2/2]

Manager& Workspace::Manager::operator=(Manager && )

◆ receiveEvent()

void Workspace::Manager::receiveEvent(Event::Objectevent)

Handles plugin loading/unloadin gevents from gui thread

eventThe event to handle. The workspace manager only handles the following event types: Event::Type::PLUGIN_INSERT_EVENT Event::Type::PLUGIN_REMOVE_EVENT Event::Type::DAQ_DEVICE_QUERY_EVENT

Implements Event::Handler.

Definition at line 383 of file workspace.cpp.

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◆ saveSettings()

void Workspace::Manager::saveSettings(const QString & profile_name)

Save current workspace values and state settings

profile_nameThe name to save the settings

Definition at line 144 of file workspace.cpp.

◆ unloadPlugin()

void Workspace::Manager::unloadPlugin(Widgets::Pluginplugin)

unloads plugin

pluginPlugin pointer to remove from workspace manager registry

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