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RT::Thread Class Reference

#include <rt.h>

Inheritance diagram for RT::Thread:
RT::List< T >::NodeDataRecorder::PanelDefaultGUIModelOscilloscope::PanelOscilloscope::Plugin

Public Types

typedef unsigned long Priority

Public Member Functions

 Thread (Priority p=DefaultPriority)
virtual ~Thread (void)
Priority getPriority (void) const
virtual void execute (void)
bool getActive (void) const
void setActive (bool)
- Public Member Functions inherited from RT::List< T >::Node
 Node (void)
virtual ~Node (void)
bool operator== (const Node &x) const

Static Public Attributes

static const Priority MinimumPriority = 0
static const Priority MaximumPriority = 100
static const Priority DefaultPriority = MaximumPriority/2

Private Attributes

bool active
Priority priority

Detailed Description

Base class for objects that are to interface with System.

See also

Definition at line 542 of file rt.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef unsigned long RT::Thread::Priority

Definition at line 547 of file rt.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

RT::Thread::Thread(Priority p = DefaultPriority)

Definition at line 141 of file rt.cpp.

RT::Thread::~Thread(void )

Definition at line 147 of file rt.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

void RT::Thread::execute(void )

Function called periodically by the realtime task.

See also

Reimplemented in DataRecorder::Panel, and Oscilloscope::Panel.

Definition at line 579 of file rt.h.

bool RT::Thread::getActive(void )const

Definition at line 581 of file rt.h.

Priority RT::Thread::getPriority(void )const

Returns the priority of the thread. The higher the priority the sooner the thread is called in the timestep.

The priority of the thread.

Definition at line 563 of file rt.h.

void RT::Thread::setActive(bool state)

Definition at line 152 of file rt.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

bool RT::Thread::active

Definition at line 589 of file rt.h.

const Priority RT::Thread::DefaultPriority = MaximumPriority/2

Definition at line 551 of file rt.h.

const Priority RT::Thread::MaximumPriority = 100

Definition at line 550 of file rt.h.

const Priority RT::Thread::MinimumPriority = 0

Definition at line 549 of file rt.h.

Priority RT::Thread::priority

Definition at line 590 of file rt.h.

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