RTXI  3.0.0
The Real-Time eXperiment Interface Reference Manual
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Data Structures

class  Device
class  Thread
struct  block_connection_t
class  Connector
class  System


typedef struct RT::block_connection_t block_connection_t
using command_param_t = std::variant< std::monostate, int64_t, int64_t *, uint64_t, double, RT::Thread *, std::vector< RT::Thread * > *, RT::Device *, std::vector< RT::Device * > *, IO::Block *, RT::block_connection_t, Widgets::Component *, State::state_t, std::string >

Detailed Description

Objects contained within this namespace are responsible for managing realtime execution.

Typedef Documentation

◆ block_connection_t

Information about the connections between blocks.

This is meant to represent connection information about blocks and channels. It also defines equality and inequality functions for determining whether a connection is the same as another, and convenient for existence tests.

srcIO::Block pointer representing the source of data
src_port_typeIO::flags_t for source. Either IO::INPUT, IO::OUTPUT or IO::UNKNOWN
src_portIndex of the source channel generating the output
destIO::Block pointer representing who to send the output to
dest_portIndex of the destination channel taking the output as input

◆ command_param_t

using RT::command_param_t = typedef std::variant<std::monostate, int64_t, int64_t*, uint64_t, double, RT::Thread*, std::vector<RT::Thread*>*, RT::Device*, std::vector<RT::Device*>*, IO::Block*, RT::block_connection_t, Widgets::Component*, State::state_t, std::string>

Variant used internally by RT::System to receive commands and updates

Definition at line 381 of file rt.hpp.