RTXI  3.0.0
The Real-Time eXperiment Interface Reference Manual
Data Fields
IO::channel_t Struct Reference

#include <io.hpp>

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Data Fields

std::string name
std::string description
IO::flags_t flags = IO::UNKNOWN

Detailed Description

Structure used to pass information to an IO::Block upon creation. It is a structure critical for describing the block's ports.

nameThe name of the channel
descriptionshort description of the channel
flagswhether the channel is IO::INPUT or IO::OUTPUT type
See also

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Field Documentation

◆ description

std::string IO::channel_t::description

Definition at line 71 of file io.hpp.

◆ flags

IO::flags_t IO::channel_t::flags = IO::UNKNOWN

Definition at line 72 of file io.hpp.

◆ name

std::string IO::channel_t::name

Definition at line 70 of file io.hpp.

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