RTXI  3.0.0
The Real-Time eXperiment Interface Reference Manual
Data Fields
RT::OS::Task Struct Reference

#include <rtos.hpp>

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Data Fields

int64_t period = DEFAULT_PERIOD
int64_t next_t = 0
bool task_finished = false
std::thread rt_thread
std::any thread_id

Detailed Description

Object representation of a real-time loop

periodThe period for the real-time loop in nanoseconds.
next_tNext wakeup time in absolute clock time (nanoseconds).
task_finishedBool field used by real-time loop to signal end.
rt_threada std::thread object representing the rt loop.

Definition at line 30 of file rtos.hpp.

Field Documentation

◆ next_t

int64_t RT::OS::Task::next_t = 0

Definition at line 33 of file rtos.hpp.

◆ period

int64_t RT::OS::Task::period = DEFAULT_PERIOD

Definition at line 32 of file rtos.hpp.

◆ rt_thread

std::thread RT::OS::Task::rt_thread

Definition at line 35 of file rtos.hpp.

◆ task_finished

bool RT::OS::Task::task_finished = false

Definition at line 34 of file rtos.hpp.

◆ thread_id

std::any RT::OS::Task::thread_id

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