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Public Member Functions
MockWorkspaceInstance Class Reference

#include <workspace_tests.h>

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Public Member Functions

 MOCK_METHOD (size_t, getCount,(IO::flags_t),(const))
 MOCK_METHOD (std::string, getName,(IO::flags_t, size_t),(const))
 MOCK_METHOD (std::string, getDescription,(IO::flags_t, size_t),(const))
 MOCK_METHOD (double, getValue,(IO::flags_t, size_t),(const))
 MOCK_METHOD (std::string, getValueString,(IO::flags_t, size_t),(const))
 MOCK_METHOD (void, setValue,(size_t, double),(const))
 MOCK_METHOD (void, setComment,(size_t, std::string),(const))
- Public Member Functions inherited from Workspace::Instance
 Instance (std::string name, variable_t *variables, size_t size)
virtual ~Instance (void)
size_t getCount (IO::flags_t type) const
std::string getName (IO::flags_t type, size_t index) const
std::string getDescription (IO::flags_t type, size_t index) const
double getValue (IO::flags_t type, size_t index) const
std::string getValueString (IO::flags_t type, size_t index) const
void setValue (size_t index, double value)
void setComment (size_t index, std::string comment)
- Public Member Functions inherited from IO::Block
 Block (std::string name, channel_t *channels, size_t size)
virtual ~Block (void)
std::string getName (void) const
double input (size_t index) const
double output (size_t index) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from Settings::Object
 Object (void)
virtual ~Object (void)
ID getID (void) const
State save (void) const
void load (const State &)
void deferred (const State &)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from Settings::Object
typedef unsigned long ID
- Static Public Attributes inherited from Settings::Object
const static ID INVALID = 0
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Workspace::Instance
double * getData (IO::flags_t type, size_t index)
void setData (IO::flags_t type, size_t index, double *value)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from IO::Block
double & output (size_t index)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Settings::Object
virtual void doLoad (const State &)
virtual void doDeferred (const State &)
virtual void doSave (State &) const

Detailed Description

Definition at line 104 of file workspace_tests.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ MOCK_METHOD() [1/7]

MockWorkspaceInstance::MOCK_METHOD(double ,
getValue ,
(IO::flags_t, size_t) ,

◆ MOCK_METHOD() [2/7]

MockWorkspaceInstance::MOCK_METHOD(size_t ,
getCount ,

◆ MOCK_METHOD() [3/7]

MockWorkspaceInstance::MOCK_METHOD(std::string ,
getDescription ,
(IO::flags_t, size_t) ,

◆ MOCK_METHOD() [4/7]

MockWorkspaceInstance::MOCK_METHOD(std::string ,
getName ,
(IO::flags_t, size_t) ,

◆ MOCK_METHOD() [5/7]

MockWorkspaceInstance::MOCK_METHOD(std::string ,
getValueString ,
(IO::flags_t, size_t) ,

◆ MOCK_METHOD() [6/7]

MockWorkspaceInstance::MOCK_METHOD(void ,
setComment ,
(size_t, std::string) ,

◆ MOCK_METHOD() [7/7]

MockWorkspaceInstance::MOCK_METHOD(void ,
setValue ,
(size_t, double) ,

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