New version with long-term support and a new real-time kernel!

New features:

  1. New Linux Base: RTXI 2.2 runs on Ubuntu GNOME 16.04 LTS - with it, you’ll get a stable desktop with hardware and software support for the next few years through Ubuntu and the RTXI team.
  2. Enhanced Performance: We’ve upgraded to the latest version of Xenomai - which includes a number of under-the-hood updates to the real-time system, but still the same robust performance.

Try out v2.2. You can use the live CD to demo RTXI and later install it, or you can install a generic Linux distribution of your choice and use our installation scripts. We’ve included two different live CDs - one for Core 2/Newer Xeon processors and one for generic x64 processors.

Look through all the documentation on the website to find installation instructions, notes on hardware configurations, RTXI modules, documentation, and more. Let us know if you have issues or questions.