We’ve been working hard over the past year to put together the new and improved Real-Time eXperiment Interface.

New features:

  1. Improved UI: We’ve upgraded the UI framework from Qt3 to Qt4, which provides RTXI with many built-in performance improvements.
  2. New Linux Base: RTXI 2.0 runs on Ubuntu GNOME 14.04 LTS - with it, you’ll get a stable desktop.
  3. Enhanced Performance: For 2.0, we’ve switched from RTAI to Xenomai, a more versatile real-time kernel, providing a more robust and stable hard real-time system.
  4. Open Development: We’ve migrated the project to GitHub, an excellent forum for development and all our documentation. Submit an issue; make a feature request; or watch our repository to stay up-to-date.

Try out v2.0. You can use the live CD to demo RTXI and later install it, or you can install a generic Linux distribution of your choice and use our installation scripts.

Look through all the documentation on the website to find installation instructions, notes on hardware configurations, RTXI modules, documentation, and more. Let us know if you have issues or questions.