Spike-Triggered Average

Requirements: Spike Detector, Plot helper classes (included), Boost libraries Limitations: None

Spike-Triggered Average GUI


This plug-in computes an event-triggered average of the input signal. The event trigger should provide a value of 1. The averaged signal will update periodically. Click and drag on the plot to resize the axes.


  1. input(0) - Input : Quantity to compute the spike-triggered average for
  2. input(1) - Event Trigger : trigger that indicates the spike time/event (=1)



  1. Trigger Threshold (V) - Threshold for detecting a trigger in volts
  2. Interval (s) - Minimum time between events
  3. Plot X-min (s) - Amount of time before the spike to include in average
  4. Plot X-max (s) - Amount of time after the spike to include in average
  5. Plot Y-min (V) - Minimum for y-axis on the plot
  6. Plot Y-max (V) - Minimum for y-axis on the plot
  7. Plot Refresh (ms) - Interval for updating plot


  1. Event Count - Number of spikes/events included in the current average
  2. Time (s) - Time (s)