Signal Generator

Requirements: Generator class (included)
Limitations: none noted

Signal Generator GUI

This module generates the following signals:
1. Sine Wave: needs frequency and amplitude
2. Monophasic Square Wave: needs delay, width, and amplitude
3. Biphasic Square Wave: needs delay, width, and amplitude
4. Sawtooth Wave: needs delay, width, and maximum amplitude
5. ZAP Stimulus: needs starting and ending frequencies, amplitude, and duration of ZAP

All the signals are continuous except for the ZAP stimulus, which has a specified duration. Only the relevant parameters are used to generate the waveforms.

Output Channels

  1. output(0) – “Signal Waveform”


  1. Delay : in seconds
  2. Width : in seconds
  3. Freq (Hz) : frequency of sine wave, also the starting frequency for ZAP stimulus
  4. Amplitude
  5. ZAP max Freq (Hz) : maximum frequency for ZAP stimulus
  6. ZAP duration (s)