Axon AxoPatch 1D Controller

Requirements: None
Limitations: None

Module GUI

Amplifier control module to compensate for scaling properties of the Axon AxoPatch 1D controller. This module essentially acts as an interface that replicated functionality of the control panel, but in a manner specific to the controller's own functionality.

Note: You will still have to activate the input/output channels via the system control panel.

Input Channels

  1. input(0) - Gain Telegraph : the telegraph used in Auto mode

Output Channels



  1. Input Channel - input channel to scale (#)
  2. Output Channel - output channel to scale (#)
  3. Headstage Gain - gain set by the headstage
  4. Command Sensitivity - sensitivity setting from amplifier (mV/V)
  5. Output Gain - output gain from amplifier
  6. Amplifier Mode - mode setting on the amplifier (vclamp, iclamp, or i=0)