Alpha Synapse

Requirements: None
Limitations: None

Alpha Synapse GUI

This module creates an artificial synapse where the fixed conductance change is described by an alpha function. This conductance is triggered by an event indicated by a value of “1″ on input(1). This can be used to generate a spike-triggered synaptic connection using the Spike Detector module. Use the connector module to connect the spike state output of the spike detector to the spike state input of this one.

The fixed conductance waveform is pre-computed according to:

G = Gmax * (t/tau) * exp( -(t-tau)/tau) )

The current is computed according to Ohm's Law:

Isyn = G * (Vm-Esyn)

Input Channels

  1. input(0) – “Vm” : Membrane potential (V)
  2. input(1) – “Spike State” : Spike State (=1 to trigger synapse)

Output Channels

  1. output(0) – “Isyn” : Output current (A)


  1. Gmax : Maximum synaptic conductance for stimulus (nS)
  2. Time Constant tau : Time constant for alpha-shaped conductance (ms)
  3. Esyn : Reversal potential for conductance (mV)