RTXI  3.0.0
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Data Fields
Widgets::Variable::Info Struct Reference

#include <widgets.hpp>

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Data Fields

size_t id = 0
std::string name
std::string description
Widgets::Variable::variable_t vartype = Widgets::Variable::UNKNOWN
std::variant< int64_t, double, uint64_t, std::string, RT::State::state_tvalue

Detailed Description

Structure used to store information about module upon creation. It is a structure describing module specific constants and variables.

idThe identification number for the parameter
nameThe name of the channel
descriptionshort description of the channel
vartypetype of variable that is stored
valueThe value of the parameter stored in a variant
See also

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Field Documentation

◆ description

std::string Widgets::Variable::Info::description

Definition at line 99 of file widgets.hpp.

◆ id

size_t Widgets::Variable::Info::id = 0

Definition at line 97 of file widgets.hpp.

◆ name

std::string Widgets::Variable::Info::name

Definition at line 98 of file widgets.hpp.

◆ value

std::variant<int64_t, double, uint64_t, std::string, RT::State::state_t> Widgets::Variable::Info::value

Definition at line 102 of file widgets.hpp.

◆ vartype

Definition at line 100 of file widgets.hpp.

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