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Oscilloscope::Scope Class Reference

#include <scope.hpp>

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Public Slots

void process_data ()

Public Member Functions

 Scope (const Scope &)=delete
 Scope (Scope &&)=delete
Scopeoperator= (const Scope &)=delete
Scopeoperator= (Scope &&)=delete
 Scope (QWidget *parent)
 ~Scope () override
bool paused () const
void setPause (bool value)
void createChannel (IO::endpoint probeInfo, RT::OS::Fifo *fifo)
bool channelRegistered (IO::endpoint probeInfo)
void removeChannel (IO::endpoint probeInfo)
void removeBlockChannels (IO::Block *block)
size_t getChannelCount ()
void clearData ()
size_t getDataSize () const
void setDataSize (size_t size)
int64_t getDivT ()
void setDivT (int64_t value)
size_t getDivX () const
size_t getDivY () const
size_t getRefresh () const
void setRefresh (size_t r)
void setChannelScale (IO::endpoint endpoint, double scale)
double getChannelScale (IO::endpoint endpoint)
void setChannelOffset (IO::endpoint endpoint, double offset)
double getChannelOffset (IO::endpoint endpoint)
void setChannelLabel (IO::endpoint endpoint, const QString &label)
QColor getChannelColor (IO::endpoint endpoint)
Qt::PenStyle getChannelStyle (IO::endpoint endpoint)
void setChannelPen (IO::endpoint endpoint, const QPen &pen)
int getChannelWidth (IO::endpoint endpoint)
double getTriggerThreshold () const
void setTriggerThreshold (double threshold)
Trigger::trig_t getTriggerDirection ()
void setTriggerDirection (Trigger::trig_t direction)
void drawCurves ()
IO::endpoint getTriggerEndpoint () const

Protected Member Functions

void resizeEvent (QResizeEvent *event) override

Detailed Description

Definition at line 168 of file scope.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Scope() [1/3]

Oscilloscope::Scope::Scope(const Scope)

◆ Scope() [2/3]

Oscilloscope::Scope::Scope(Scope && )

◆ Scope() [3/3]

Oscilloscope::Scope::Scope(QWidget * parent)

Definition at line 67 of file scope.cpp.

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◆ ~Scope()


Definition at line 149 of file scope.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ channelRegistered()

bool Oscilloscope::Scope::channelRegistered(IO::endpoint probeInfo)

Definition at line 198 of file scope.cpp.

◆ clearData()

void Oscilloscope::Scope::clearData()

Definition at line 252 of file scope.cpp.

◆ createChannel()

void Oscilloscope::Scope::createChannel(IO::endpoint probeInfo,

Definition at line 167 of file scope.cpp.

◆ drawCurves()

void Oscilloscope::Scope::drawCurves()

Definition at line 456 of file scope.cpp.

◆ getChannelColor()

QColor Oscilloscope::Scope::getChannelColor(IO::endpoint endpoint)

Definition at line 394 of file scope.cpp.

◆ getChannelCount()

size_t Oscilloscope::Scope::getChannelCount()

Definition at line 246 of file scope.cpp.

◆ getChannelOffset()

double Oscilloscope::Scope::getChannelOffset(IO::endpoint endpoint)

Definition at line 367 of file scope.cpp.

◆ getChannelScale()

double Oscilloscope::Scope::getChannelScale(IO::endpoint endpoint)

Definition at line 341 of file scope.cpp.

◆ getChannelStyle()

Qt::PenStyle Oscilloscope::Scope::getChannelStyle(IO::endpoint endpoint)

Definition at line 407 of file scope.cpp.

◆ getChannelWidth()

int Oscilloscope::Scope::getChannelWidth(IO::endpoint endpoint)

Definition at line 420 of file scope.cpp.

◆ getDataSize()

size_t Oscilloscope::Scope::getDataSize()const

Definition at line 280 of file scope.cpp.

◆ getDivT()

int64_t Oscilloscope::Scope::getDivT()

Definition at line 285 of file scope.cpp.

◆ getDivX()

size_t Oscilloscope::Scope::getDivX()const

Definition at line 306 of file scope.cpp.

◆ getDivY()

size_t Oscilloscope::Scope::getDivY()const

Definition at line 311 of file scope.cpp.

◆ getRefresh()

size_t Oscilloscope::Scope::getRefresh()const

Definition at line 316 of file scope.cpp.

◆ getTriggerDirection()

Trigger::trig_t Oscilloscope::Scope::getTriggerDirection()

◆ getTriggerEndpoint()

IO::endpoint Oscilloscope::Scope::getTriggerEndpoint()const

Definition at line 216 of file scope.hpp.

◆ getTriggerThreshold()

double Oscilloscope::Scope::getTriggerThreshold()const

Definition at line 450 of file scope.cpp.

◆ operator=() [1/2]

Scope& Oscilloscope::Scope::operator=(const Scope)

◆ operator=() [2/2]

Scope& Oscilloscope::Scope::operator=(Scope && )

◆ paused()

bool Oscilloscope::Scope::paused()const

Definition at line 157 of file scope.cpp.

◆ process_data

void Oscilloscope::Scope::process_data()

Definition at line 505 of file scope.cpp.

◆ removeBlockChannels()

void Oscilloscope::Scope::removeBlockChannels(IO::Blockblock)

Definition at line 225 of file scope.cpp.

◆ removeChannel()

void Oscilloscope::Scope::removeChannel(IO::endpoint probeInfo)

Definition at line 208 of file scope.cpp.

◆ resizeEvent()

void Oscilloscope::Scope::resizeEvent(QResizeEvent * event)

Definition at line 240 of file scope.cpp.

◆ setChannelLabel()

void Oscilloscope::Scope::setChannelLabel(IO::endpoint endpoint,
const QString & label 

Definition at line 380 of file scope.cpp.

◆ setChannelOffset()

void Oscilloscope::Scope::setChannelOffset(IO::endpoint endpoint,
double offset 

Definition at line 354 of file scope.cpp.

◆ setChannelPen()

void Oscilloscope::Scope::setChannelPen(IO::endpoint endpoint,
const QPen & pen 

Definition at line 433 of file scope.cpp.

◆ setChannelScale()

void Oscilloscope::Scope::setChannelScale(IO::endpoint endpoint,
double scale 

Definition at line 328 of file scope.cpp.

◆ setDataSize()

void Oscilloscope::Scope::setDataSize(size_t size)

Definition at line 265 of file scope.cpp.

◆ setDivT()

void Oscilloscope::Scope::setDivT(int64_t value)

Definition at line 291 of file scope.cpp.

◆ setPause()

void Oscilloscope::Scope::setPause(bool value)

Definition at line 162 of file scope.cpp.

◆ setRefresh()

void Oscilloscope::Scope::setRefresh(size_t r)

Definition at line 321 of file scope.cpp.

◆ setTriggerDirection()

void Oscilloscope::Scope::setTriggerDirection(Trigger::trig_t direction)

◆ setTriggerThreshold()

void Oscilloscope::Scope::setTriggerThreshold(double threshold)

Definition at line 445 of file scope.cpp.

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