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IirFilterDesign Class Reference

#include <iir_dsgn.h>

Public Member Functions

 IirFilterDesign ()
 IirFilterDesign (std::istream &uin, std::ostream &uout)
 IirFilterDesign (int num_numer_coeffs, int num_denom_coeffs)
 IirFilterDesign (int num_numer_coeffs, int num_denom_coeffs, double *numer_coeffs, double *denom_coeffs)
void Initialize (int num_numer_coeffs, int num_denom_coeffs)
void QuantizeCoefficients (long quant_factor, logical rounding_enabled)
void ScaleCoefficients (double scale_factor)
void CopyCoefficients (double *numer_coeff, double *denom_coeff)
void DumpCoefficients (std::ofstream *output_stream)
double * GetNumerCoefficients (void)
double * GetDenomCoefficients (void)
void SetDenomCoefficients (int num_coeffs, double *coeffs)
int GetNumNumerCoeffs (void)
int GetNumDenomCoeffs (void)
double GetSamplingInterval (void)
void SetSamplingInterval (double sampling_interval)

Protected Attributes

int Num_Numer_Coeffs
int Num_Denom_Coeffs
double * Numer_Coeffs
double * Denom_Coeffs
double * Orig_Numer_Coeffs
double * Orig_Denom_Coeffs
double Sampling_Interval

Detailed Description

Definition at line 12 of file iir_dsgn.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

IirFilterDesign::IirFilterDesign(void )

Definition at line 19 of file iir_dsgn.cpp.

IirFilterDesign::IirFilterDesign(std::istream & uin,
std::ostream & uout 

Definition at line 27 of file iir_dsgn.cpp.

IirFilterDesign::IirFilterDesign(int num_numer_coeffs,
int num_denom_coeffs 

Definition at line 36 of file iir_dsgn.cpp.

IirFilterDesign::IirFilterDesign(int num_numer_coeffs,
int num_denom_coeffs,
double * numer_coeffs,
double * denom_coeffs 

Definition at line 52 of file iir_dsgn.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

void IirFilterDesign::CopyCoefficients(double * numer_coeff,
double * denom_coeff 

Definition at line 188 of file iir_dsgn.cpp.

void IirFilterDesign::DumpCoefficients(std::ofstream * output_stream)

Definition at line 278 of file iir_dsgn.cpp.

double * IirFilterDesign::GetDenomCoefficients(void )

Definition at line 215 of file iir_dsgn.cpp.

int IirFilterDesign::GetNumDenomCoeffs(void )

Definition at line 268 of file iir_dsgn.cpp.

double * IirFilterDesign::GetNumerCoefficients(void )

Definition at line 204 of file iir_dsgn.cpp.

int IirFilterDesign::GetNumNumerCoeffs(void )

Definition at line 258 of file iir_dsgn.cpp.

double IirFilterDesign::GetSamplingInterval(void )

Definition at line 248 of file iir_dsgn.cpp.

void IirFilterDesign::Initialize(int num_numer_coeffs,
int num_denom_coeffs 

Definition at line 90 of file iir_dsgn.cpp.

void IirFilterDesign::QuantizeCoefficients(long quant_factor,
logical rounding_enabled 

Definition at line 105 of file iir_dsgn.cpp.

void IirFilterDesign::ScaleCoefficients(double scale_factor)

Definition at line 168 of file iir_dsgn.cpp.

void IirFilterDesign::SetDenomCoefficients(int num_coeffs,
double * coeffs 

Definition at line 229 of file iir_dsgn.cpp.

void IirFilterDesign::SetSamplingInterval(double sampling_interval)

Definition at line 241 of file iir_dsgn.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

double* IirFilterDesign::Denom_Coeffs

Definition at line 91 of file iir_dsgn.h.

int IirFilterDesign::Num_Denom_Coeffs

Definition at line 88 of file iir_dsgn.h.

int IirFilterDesign::Num_Numer_Coeffs

Definition at line 87 of file iir_dsgn.h.

double* IirFilterDesign::Numer_Coeffs

Definition at line 90 of file iir_dsgn.h.

double* IirFilterDesign::Orig_Denom_Coeffs

Definition at line 93 of file iir_dsgn.h.

double* IirFilterDesign::Orig_Numer_Coeffs

Definition at line 92 of file iir_dsgn.h.

double IirFilterDesign::Sampling_Interval

Definition at line 94 of file iir_dsgn.h.

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