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FreqSampFilterSpec Class Reference

#include <fs_spec.h>

Public Member Functions

 FreqSampFilterSpec ()
 FreqSampFilterSpec (const FreqSampFilterSpec &filter_spec)
 FreqSampFilterSpec (int band_config, int fir_type, int num_taps, double *des_mag_resp)
 FreqSampFilterSpec (std::istream &uin, ostream &uout)
logical IsOptimizeEnabled (void)
int GetNumTaps (void)
int GetBandConfig (void)
int GetN1 (void)
int GetN2 (void)
int GetN3 (void)
int GetN4 (void)
int GetFirType (void)
int GetNumTransSamps (void)
double GetMagRespSamp (int)
void SetNumTaps (int)
void SetBandConfig (int)
void SetN1 (int)
void SetN2 (int)
void SetN3 (int)
void SetN4 (int)
void SetFirType (int)
void SetDbScaleEnabled (int db_scale_enabled)
void SetTrans (double transition_value)
void SetTrans (double *origins, double *slopes, double rho)
void SetMagRespSamp (int samp_indx, double value)

Private Attributes

int Band_Config
int Freq_Type
logical Freqs_Specif_In_Hz
double Samp_Freq
logical Cutoff_Is_Half_Amp
double Lambda_Numer
double Lambda_Denom
double Lambda
int Num_Taps
int Fold_Indx
int Fir_Type
logical Optimize_Enabled
int Num_Trans_Samps
int N1
int N2
int N3
int N4
int Db_Scale_Enabled
double * Des_Mag_Resp


class FreqSampFilterDesign
class LinearPhaseFirResponse

Detailed Description

Definition at line 15 of file fs_spec.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

FreqSampFilterSpec::FreqSampFilterSpec(const FreqSampFilterSpecfilter_spec)

Definition at line 262 of file fs_spec.cpp.

FreqSampFilterSpec::FreqSampFilterSpec(int band_config,
int fir_type,
int num_taps,
double * des_mag_resp 

Definition at line 10 of file fs_spec.cpp.

FreqSampFilterSpec::FreqSampFilterSpec(std::istream & uin,
ostream & uout 

Member Function Documentation

int FreqSampFilterSpec::GetBandConfig(void )

Definition at line 364 of file fs_spec.cpp.

int FreqSampFilterSpec::GetFirType(void )

Definition at line 406 of file fs_spec.cpp.

double FreqSampFilterSpec::GetMagRespSamp(int samp_indx)

Definition at line 358 of file fs_spec.cpp.

int FreqSampFilterSpec::GetN1(void )

Definition at line 382 of file fs_spec.cpp.

int FreqSampFilterSpec::GetN2(void )

Definition at line 388 of file fs_spec.cpp.

int FreqSampFilterSpec::GetN3(void )

Definition at line 394 of file fs_spec.cpp.

int FreqSampFilterSpec::GetN4(void )

Definition at line 400 of file fs_spec.cpp.

int FreqSampFilterSpec::GetNumTaps(void )

Definition at line 370 of file fs_spec.cpp.

int FreqSampFilterSpec::GetNumTransSamps(void )

Definition at line 376 of file fs_spec.cpp.

logical FreqSampFilterSpec::IsOptimizeEnabled(void )

Definition at line 353 of file fs_spec.cpp.

void FreqSampFilterSpec::SetBandConfig(int band_config)

Definition at line 412 of file fs_spec.cpp.

void FreqSampFilterSpec::SetDbScaleEnabled(int db_scale_enabled)

Definition at line 454 of file fs_spec.cpp.

void FreqSampFilterSpec::SetFirType(int fir_type)

Definition at line 448 of file fs_spec.cpp.

void FreqSampFilterSpec::SetMagRespSamp(int samp_indx,
double value 

Definition at line 346 of file fs_spec.cpp.

void FreqSampFilterSpec::SetN1(int n1)

Definition at line 424 of file fs_spec.cpp.

void FreqSampFilterSpec::SetN2(int n2)

Definition at line 430 of file fs_spec.cpp.

void FreqSampFilterSpec::SetN3(int n3)

Definition at line 436 of file fs_spec.cpp.

void FreqSampFilterSpec::SetN4(int n4)

Definition at line 442 of file fs_spec.cpp.

void FreqSampFilterSpec::SetNumTaps(int num_taps)

Definition at line 418 of file fs_spec.cpp.

void FreqSampFilterSpec::SetTrans(double transition_value)

Definition at line 284 of file fs_spec.cpp.

void FreqSampFilterSpec::SetTrans(double * origins,
double * slopes,
double rho 

Definition at line 309 of file fs_spec.cpp.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class FreqSampFilterDesign

Definition at line 55 of file fs_spec.h.

friend class LinearPhaseFirResponse

Definition at line 56 of file fs_spec.h.

Member Data Documentation

int FreqSampFilterSpec::Band_Config

Definition at line 62 of file fs_spec.h.

logical FreqSampFilterSpec::Cutoff_Is_Half_Amp

Definition at line 71 of file fs_spec.h.

int FreqSampFilterSpec::Db_Scale_Enabled

Definition at line 87 of file fs_spec.h.

double* FreqSampFilterSpec::Des_Mag_Resp

Definition at line 88 of file fs_spec.h.

int FreqSampFilterSpec::Fir_Type

Definition at line 78 of file fs_spec.h.

int FreqSampFilterSpec::Fold_Indx

Definition at line 76 of file fs_spec.h.

int FreqSampFilterSpec::Freq_Type

Definition at line 68 of file fs_spec.h.

logical FreqSampFilterSpec::Freqs_Specif_In_Hz

Definition at line 69 of file fs_spec.h.

double FreqSampFilterSpec::Lambda

Definition at line 73 of file fs_spec.h.

double FreqSampFilterSpec::Lambda_Denom

Definition at line 72 of file fs_spec.h.

double FreqSampFilterSpec::Lambda_Numer

Definition at line 72 of file fs_spec.h.

int FreqSampFilterSpec::N1

Definition at line 82 of file fs_spec.h.

int FreqSampFilterSpec::N2

Definition at line 83 of file fs_spec.h.

int FreqSampFilterSpec::N3

Definition at line 84 of file fs_spec.h.

int FreqSampFilterSpec::N4

Definition at line 85 of file fs_spec.h.

int FreqSampFilterSpec::Num_Taps

Definition at line 75 of file fs_spec.h.

int FreqSampFilterSpec::Num_Trans_Samps

Definition at line 81 of file fs_spec.h.

logical FreqSampFilterSpec::Optimize_Enabled

Definition at line 79 of file fs_spec.h.

double FreqSampFilterSpec::Samp_Freq

Definition at line 70 of file fs_spec.h.

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