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EllipticalTransFunc Class Reference

#include <elipfunc.h>

Inheritance diagram for EllipticalTransFunc:

Public Member Functions

 EllipticalTransFunc (int order, double passband_ripple, double stopband_ripple, double passband_edge, double stopband_edge, int upper_summation_limit)
- Public Member Functions inherited from FilterTransFunc
 FilterTransFunc (void)
 FilterTransFunc (int order)
void FilterFrequencyResponse (void)
complexGetPrototypePoles (int *num_poles)
complexGetPoles (int *num_poles)
complex GetPole (int pole_indx)
complexGetPrototypeZeros (int *num_zeros)
complexGetZeros (int *num_zeros)
complex GetZero (int zero_indx)
void LowpassDenorm (double cutoff_freq_hz)
int GetNumPoles (void)
int GetNumZeros (void)
float GetHSubZero (void)
void DumpBiquads (std::ofstream *output_stream)
Polynomial GetDenomPoly (void)
Polynomial GetNumerPoly (void)
void FrequencyPrewarp (double sampling_interval)

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from FilterTransFunc
int Filter_Order
int Num_Denorm_Poles
int Num_Denorm_Zeros
int Degree_Of_Denom
int Degree_Of_Numer
int Num_Prototype_Poles
int Num_Prototype_Zeros
int Num_Biquad_Sects
logical Filter_Is_Denormalized
double Denorm_Cutoff_Freq_Rad
double * A_Biquad_Coef
double * B_Biquad_Coef
double * C_Biquad_Coef
double H_Sub_Zero
Polynomial Denom_Poly
Polynomial Numer_Poly
std::ofstream * Response_File

Detailed Description

Definition at line 11 of file elipfunc.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

EllipticalTransFunc::EllipticalTransFunc(int order,
double passband_ripple,
double stopband_ripple,
double passband_edge,
double stopband_edge,
int upper_summation_limit 

Definition at line 20 of file elipfunc.cpp.

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